What We Do


Client Centered Approach

20 years of doing this and it never gets old. Most business consultants bring ego along with alleged experience.  We don't do that.  We bring a clear, unbiased, "we're going to punch you in the face" approach to most challenges because, honestly, your business deserves that.  We won't earn your trust over lattes and conversation.  We will earn your business through hard talk, tough decisions, uncomfortable recommendations and, 

in the end, demonstrable results. Are you ready?


Get Ahead of The Curve!

We specialize in marketing and business consulting for the small to mid-market B2B environment.  Our team has the professional savvy and experience to drive your bottom line.  We invest in educating you and providing value added partners to ensure your success.  Let us show you how, and provide you with concrete examples of our success stories.  


Developed Professional Network

GYO has a solid, financially stable array of partners who can get it done- either on a local, regional or national scope.  We spend the time to vet our vendor partners to ensure they provide the very essence of our consultancy:  Value, performance and results.  We are an open book on our relationships and have spent countless hours cultivating partnerships that provide real, quantitative as well as qualitative results.  No compromises.

Recent Projects